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Protecting Your Customer Data,
Inside and Out

SaaS leaders trust Vitally to future-proof their Customer Success, and that trust starts with guaranteeing your customer data is secure. Here’s how we put your security and privacy at the forefront:

Manage data in a SOC 2 & GDPR compliant platform
All data at rest is encrypted with AES-256, data in-transit is protected over TLS encryption
Industry-leading cloud storage and security with AWS
Further secure your account with 2FA and SSO via SAML 2.0, Google, and Okta
Learn more about our commitment to security

Industry-Leading Time to Value

Whether you’re rolling out a Customer Success model for the first time, or upgrading tools to meet your needs, Vitally’s Customer Success platform leads the industry in time to value. Here’s how Vitally is enabling enterprise teams to hit the ground running and scale with ease:

Out-of-the box reporting 
Auto-segmentation of customers across any data point
Fully-customizable dashboards
Learn more about Dashboards & Reporting

Scale Customer Operations and Experiences with Powerful Automation

Vitally is built for all Customer Success models, whether it’s high-touch, low-touch, or somewhere in between. Our powerful automation capabilities enable quicker and more efficient success experiences at scale from customer communications to at-risk and opportunity indicators, and beyond:

Dynamically assign account ownership
Detect inactivity and high-potential trials with Indicators
Proactively engage with customers at every stage in the customer lifecycle with automated workflows
Learn more about Automation

Powerful Features Built for Mid-Market Customer Success Teams

Powerful Integrations

Sync customer data from tools across your tech stack in a matter of minutes—without tapping in engineering, operations, or IT for assistance.

Project Management

Guide customer’s through lifecycle initiatives and closely measure the impact of your team’s work with a process that can be customized with ease, and replicated as you scale.

Customer Health

Build world-class custom health scores for each segment and customer lifecycle stage to accurately measure the impact of your product and the overall experiences of customers.


Maximize your team’s bandwidth and automate customer success workflows while proactively creating conversations to prevent churn and increase expansion.

Reporting & Analytics

Visualize customer and team data from across your business with powerful reports for tracking insights and the impact of customer success for your organization.

NPS Surveys

Measure the impact and feedback of your customers with easy-to-use NPS surveys. Connect NPS results back to health scores and dashboards to track feedback in real-time.


Powerful Features Built for Mid-Market Customer Success Teams

Take Your Customer Success Tech Stack to the Next Level

Build the perfect Customer Success process for your enterprise team and customers backed by a world-class platform and team of experts.

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Enterprise Organizations Frequently Ask

Do I need a dedicated Operations role to implement and manage Vitally?


What industries are a fit for Vitally?

Vitally is industry agnostic, and can support B2B SaaS companies of any size.

What kinds of Business Models are a fit for Vitally?

Vitally can support most any B2B SaaS business model, but is a particularly good fit for Product-Led Growth models, one-to-one models, and one-to-many models.

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