AI-Generated Call Summaries for CSMs at Zapier

Explore how Sara Bonanno, Sr. Customer Success Operations Specialist, automates and surfaces call summaries for CSMs at Zapier.

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Spending too much time taking and updating notes after customer calls?

In this Blueprint we'll explore how Sara Bonanno, Sr. Customer Success Operations Specialist, automates call summaries for the Customer Success team at Zapier. This automation significantly reduces the time spent by CSMs on post-call tasks (i.e., manual note-taking), and enables them to focus on more strategic activities.

With the power of Zapier, AI, and Vitally, this automated workflow provides a much more streamlined and efficient way to manage and document customer interactions.

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How this Blueprint works

AI-Generated Call Summaries with Zapier -> Vitally Note

Sara has built a workflow in Zapier that:

  1. Automatically reads a Customer Success call transcript from Gong
  2. Uses ChatGPT to summarize the call into a specific format
  3. Then, pushes the note to multiple systems including Productboard, Slack, and Vitally

Once the note is automatically created in Vitally, the Zapier CSMs can easily access all of their activities in a Dashboard called “One Stop Shop.” Dashboards in Vitally are made up of widgets, and can be used to display and visualize data points from activity management to revenue data and beyond.

In this “One Stop Shop” example Dashboard, you’ll see widgets for Call Notes, Conversations, Action Items, Upcoming Renewals, and more. Additionally, you can see how ChatGPT has auto-populated a Vitally Note with the specified format!

KPIs Impacted
  • CSM Efficiency
How can you customize this for other use cases?

This Blueprint is meant to serve as a source of inspiration for your own Customer Success process. If you're creating a Zap, Vitally Dashboard, or Note, you'll need to consider which data points you want to surface and where. Depending on the type of call the CSM is having, you may want to highlight different information. For example, if it's a renewal call, you could surface the customer's license usage, ARR, and renewal date within a note. If you’re conducting an Executive Business Review (EBR), you might jot down your customer’s business updates and their feedback on your roadmap.

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