Vitally Startup Partner Program

The Vitally Startup Partner Program helps businesses of every size deliver world class customer experiences, meet unexpected challenges, operate more efficiently, and grow their bottom line.

Startup Program Overview

What’s the Program?

50% OFF
The first year of your Vitally Platform Plan

25% OFF
The second year of your Vitally Platform Plan

Who is Eligible?

< $3M
In total funding raised

< 15
Total full-time employees

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The First and Last Customer Success Platform You’ll Ever Need

Vitally makes it easy for startups to unify customer data, automate repetitive tasks and scale quickly with up to 50% off all the tools you need to deliver world-class Customer Success (even before you hire your team).

Integrate with your existing tech stack

Manage CSM performance and track metrics

Access product and revenue insights

Create world-class automation workflows

Build powerful reports to track success

From Zero to Scale, the Most Powerful Customer Success Teams are Powered by Vitally

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Frequently Asked Questions

When should my startup adopt a dedicated Customer Success Platform?
The short answer is as soon as possible. The Customer Success Tool your company chooses will be your single source of truth for customer data and insights.
How does a Customer Success Platform differ from Customer Relationship Management (CRM)?
Unlike a CRM, a CS platform covers the entire customer life cycle—not just the transaction sales pipeline. Like a CRM, a robust CS platform will feature automation efficiencies and data analytics tools, but unlike a CRM, these features will be geared toward monitoring customer health, nurturing the customer relationship, and ensuring customers can succeed with your products.
Who is eligible for the Vitally Startup Partner Program?
The Startup Program is designed for startups with:

• Less than 15 employees
• Less than $3M in funding

Not working with one of our listed partners? Let us know who you are working with and we’ll evaluate their eligibility for our Startup Partner Program as part of your application.

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