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“With Vitally we can automate where we need to automate, and spend our time where we need to spend our time. It's made us way more efficient."

Learn about how Jared McCoskey and the CompanyCam team are transforming Customer Success with Vitally.

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"Our team now really works solely out of Vitally. Instead of being in our inbox all day, we're able to be proactive."

Hope Supernic
Director of Customer Success

“I have recommended Vitally to many leaders of Customer Success organizations because we have had such phenomenal results using it ourselves.”

Nick Raushenbush

“We wanted to try out a new [Customer Success Platform], some new player on the block who could give us an edge. [The platform] that fit our culture and our needs the best was Vitally.”

Nikolas Artadi
Business Solution Analyst

"We didn't need a data team or operations experts to do lots of integrations. Vitally's integrations are very much plug and play."

John Henwood
Senior Director of Customer Success

"After implementing Vitally, expansion MRR definitely increased. It's this overwhelming feeling of relief that we have a complete customer picture with one click."

Martin Kõiva

Frequently Asked Questions

When should my company adopt a dedicated Customer Success Platform?
The short answer is as soon as possible. The Customer Success Tool your company chooses will be your single source of truth for customer data and insights.
How do I decide what’s the best Customer Success Platform for my business?
When choosing a Customer Success Platform (CSP) for your business, it’s important to select a tool that can support the needs of your scaling business and Customer Success organization. In addition to reading customer reviews on Customer Success tools, you should also spend time evaluating solutions based on their capabilities.You will want to look for tools that can support your Customer Success model, such as Low-Touch, Hybrid-Touch, or High-Touch, as well as explore features that enable positive customer experiences. These can include powerful tools for automation, project management, trial nurturing, dashboards for reporting. Additionally, if your business users other SaaS tools for managing customer data and interactions, you will want to ensure the tool you select has the right integrations to work with your existing tech stack.
How does a Customer Success Platform differ from Customer Relationship Management (CRM)?
Unlike a CRM, a CS platform covers the entire customer life cycle—not just the transaction sales pipeline. Like a CRM, a robust CS platform will feature automation efficiencies and data analytics tools, but unlike a CRM, these features will be geared toward monitoring customer health, nurturing the customer relationship, and ensuring customers can succeed with your products.

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