Product-Led Customer Success

Here’s what’s inside:

Pulse and Vitally surveyed 100 technology executives involved in Customer Success at Product-Led Growth companies to find out:

  • How much time CS teams are spending on manual steps of the customer journey
  • What technology executives are focused on when it comes to Customer Success’ role in their PLG strategy 
  • How Customer Success teams can reinforce product value to ensure a successful PLG model
  • And beyond!
A Few Key Findings:
  • 63% of technology executives estimate between 9 and 25 hours per week are spent on primarily manual steps of their customer journey.
  • The 3 biggest challenges to PLG at their organizations are cross-departmental alignment (63%), Customer Success bandwidth (40%), and an outdated or incomplete technology stack (30%)
  • 53% of respondents say that Customer Success teams should prioritize reducing time to value to ensure a successful PLG model.

Product-led growth (PLG) is a business methodology in which user acquisition, expansion, conversion, and retention are all driven directly by product usage. Now, more than ever, Customer Success is responsible for onboarding and adoption (which we'll note the importance of later in the survey)—not just at the beginning of an engagement, but also as new users are added—as well as ensuring ongoing effective usage of the product throughout the customer lifecycle. Customer Success teams play a critical role in driving PLG and improving the customer experience. 

Pulse and Vitally surveyed 100 decision-makers involved in CS at PLG companies to find out what executives are prioritizing when it comes to Product-Led Growth.

Data collected from November 3 - 28, 2021 | Respondents: 100 technology executives at PLG companies

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