How to Build a Customer Health Score by Lifecycle Stage

Here's what's inside:

Our guide to building best-in-class SaaS customer Health Scores for every stage of the customer lifecycle.

  • The Health Scores that should make up your overall Health Scores for each customer lifecycle stage i.e. onboarding, adoption, maturity, and renewal
  • Metrics you should be tracking in each Health Score
  • Methodology for segmenting customers and weighting Health Scores
  • And beyond!
Our Methodology for Building the Guides

Each customer segment is unique, so why score them all the same way? To most effectively understand the health of your customers throughout their journey, Health Scores should ideally be calculated and weighted distinctly for each stage of the customer lifecycle.

So, why can’t you use the same health scores for all lifecycle stages? Simply put, a customer’s behavior changes as they mature with your product.

Your customers will naturally take different actions in your product when they first sign on vs. the actions they will take after using your product for a while. For example, you won’t see high usage rates from a new customer who’s setting up your product. On the flip side, you wouldn’t expect a long-time customer to still be enabling many new integrations.

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