Beyond the Binary: How to Build Health Scores

Here's what's inside:

In Vitally's guide to enhancing your customer health scoring model, you'll find:

  • Unconventional factors to consider when building a customer health score model
  • Why you should weight your health score metrics
  • The role “Change” should have in your model
  • Why customers health scores are vital for
    one-to-many Customer Success
  • And much more!
Taking Customer Health Scores Beyond the Binary

This white paper will help you explore the benefits of enhancing your customer health scores and how to develop a robust CHS model. It will also show you why SaaS companies using a one-size-fits-all health scoring model for their customers should strongly consider adjusting their model to account for factors beyond the binary.

For the purposes of this white paper, we're using the phrase 'beyond the binary' to call attention to variables that are often overlooked when developing a health scoring model. In turn, encouraging Customer Success teams to take these crucial factors into account in order to paint a more precise picture of their customers' health.

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