Vitally is Feeling the Winter Spirit with New G2 Badges

Our Winter 2023 G2 Badges are in, and we're showing them off!

We've got our G2 badges, and we know how to flaunt them! G2 released their 2022 Winter Reports, and we proudly announce that Vitally has earned 6 G2 badges, including Momentum Leader, Users Love Us, and High Performer in 4 different categories - one of which is *drum roll please* brand new!

We couldn't have done it without all the reviews from our G2 users and CS professionals who put us on the map with such high rankings. Our G2 winter badges are showing that we're not slowing down anytime soon either - boasting a 4.6 out of 5-star rating, it's no wonder we scored highly across categories like ease of use, quality of support, and ease of setup. Here's to keeping up the awesome work!

Who is G2? What are G2 Badges? Why should you care?

G2, a leading software review marketplace used by over 60 million people, is a platform where users can leave authenticated peer reviews for different software platforms and programs. These reviews help software buyers and professionals make better-informed decisions when researching or purchasing software for their company.

G2 badges are like bright, shiny gold stars on a software company's report card. With G2, you can trust that companies with the G2 Badge have comprehensive customer reviews to back them up for offering top-notch products and services. Receiving G2 recognition is like getting an "A" or better on a test: it proves you've earned it through impressive performance amongst your competitors. All in all, G2 is a must-know resource for businesses, ensuring their investments are worth every penny.

Our Latest "Badges of Honor" from G2

We're feeling extra proud this winter with the latest G2 Winter 2023 Report: we've collected six G2 Badges across the Customer Success and Customer Revenue Optimization categories. Keep scrolling down the page to check out what all the fuss is about; these G2 Badges are definitely worth a backflip celebration (and the extra scrolling)!

Momentum Leader for Customer Success

The G2 Momentum Leader Badges represent products on a high-growth trajectory based on user satisfaction, employee growth, and digital presence. We’re proud to announce that Vitally earned the G2 Momentum Leader Badge for our Customer Success Category and have officially been placed in the top 5 of Customer Success Software providers! The G2 Winter Badge is yet another indication of a company’s continuing upward trajectory, further cementing Vitally atop its industry.

High Performer for Customer Success

Companies earning a “High-Performer” badge from G2 have showcased high customer satisfaction scores in their respective categories. For Vitally, we achieved high-performer badges in mid-market and small-business, and the general Customer Success and Customer Revenue Operation categories. See our ranking for each category below:

Customer Success (General) - Vitally ranks #9 of 35

Mid-Market - Vitally ranks #9 of 21

Small Business - Vitally ranks #6 of 26

Customer Revenue Operation - Vitally ranks #8 of 20

Lastly, we're adding extra emphasis to our brand new badge, in a category we've never scored in before. Meet Vitally's "High-Performer: Europe" G2 Badge. This season Vitally has achieved status on the Europe Grid for Customer Success Software for G2, scoring the #6 spot out of 18 ranked software. And an extra big thank you to our European customers for getting us on the map across the pond!

Users Love Us

Last but certainly not least, we scored the "Users Love Us" again this season! Our customers love us and show it with their glowing feedback and high customer satisfaction ratings. We're bursting with pride because G2 Badges are like a stamp of approval that the Vitally Customer Success platform remains a triumph and meets the needs of our customers.

Cheers to our customers for helping us achieve these badges with your G2 reviews!

G2 Badges are a big deal; we're incredibly enthusiastic about the latest G2 badges Vitally earned! But even more so, we're enormously grateful to our customers who helped make this happen. You've put Vitally on the virtual map and got us to where we are today!

Now that we have secured our Winter 2023 G2 badges, it's time to work toward the next ones! We won't be resting; instead, we're striving for bigger and better things this upcoming year - like improving our product to create the best possible customer experience for all of our customers. To our customers, your feedback is invaluable to us on this mission, and we're always listening, so let's see where the new year takes us!

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