Welcome to ‘Success/ful’: Vitally's New Podcast Helps CS Leaders Strengthen Cross-Departmental Relationships

Vitally’s first-ever podcast series is ready for your ears!

Success/ful: Winning Ideas From the World of CS and Beyond is designed to help current and aspiring leaders in Customer Success collaborate more effectively across departments.

On this show, Vitally VP of Customer Success Taylor Johnston hosts conversations with some of the most forward-thinking leaders in and out of CS. We’ll bring in perspectives from Product, Ops, Marketing, Finance, and beyond, to share unique insights on how post-sales executives can be more effective in their roles.

“When you're a Customer Success leader, your ‘team’ is not just the CSMs who report to you,” said Vitally Co-Founder and CEO Jamie Davidson. “Your team is also the other department leaders in your organization. Success/ful is the first podcast designed to help CS leaders strengthen ties across their organizations.

This podcast is about uncovering blindspots, building bridges across disciplines, and uncovering the universal threads of success that tie us all together. So if you’re a CS professional seeking to innovate and adapt in an ever-changing landscape, join us on this journey to be more Success/ful.  

We’ll be releasing a new episode every other week, so please subscribe on Apple Podcasts or Spotify, and consider leaving a five-star rating if you like what you hear! You can also watch each episode on YouTube.

Success/ful’ Episode Guide

Episode 1: Why Storytelling Is Crucial in Customer Success (w/ Ryan Seams of AssemblyAI)

A remarkable story sets the stage for incredible impact.

In our debut episode, AssemblyAI Head of Customer Success Ryan Seams offers practical tips for crafting the perfect narrative. Learn how to create a story that resonates with leadership, utilizes data effectively, integrates storytelling into team culture for lasting influence, and much more.

Key quote: "I think CS teams compared to Sales are a little more bashful sometimes, and they're not going to be the ones to say, 'I did this crazy thing to close this deal.' And I would encourage you to think a little differently about that. The goal is not to sit here and brag and say, 'Here's what I did' and show off. Your goal should be, 'How can I get this information to the rest of my organization so that everyone can do a better job at understanding and helping our customers'.”

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Episode 2: Leaning Into the Business of Your Customer (w/ Monique McDonough of WorkTango)

Are you ready to transform your Customer Success team into revenue champions? 

In this episode, Monique McDonough, COO at WorkTango, shares strategies on CSMs handling commercial duties and offers guidance on transitioning teams to a customer-centric revenue focus. Learn why enabling your team to lean into their customers’ business is a net positive for CS teams and customers alike.

Key quote: “We should always have a purpose for every conversation and ‘check-in’ is not one of them. So we’re either solving a problem or we’re strategizing on an opportunity. But check-ins can be emails, let’s give everybody time back.”

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