Working With Product Teams to Solve Customer Pain

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When your Customer Success team aligns with the Product team, the product improves, customer satisfaction is enhanced, and ultimately, revenue increases.

Christine Itwaru, Head of Product Management at Vitally, understands the importance of creating this seamless feedback loop with Customer Success. In the latest episode of Success/ful: Winning Ideas From the World of CS and Beyond, Christine lends her Product perspective to share the blueprint for building strong partnerships. She teaches CS leaders how to speak the language of Product and ask the right questions, reveals her top three insights that every CS leader should know, and more.

By the end of the episode, you’ll have the playbook for bridging the gap between departments and working hand-in-hand to solve customer pain points and deliver exceptional experiences.

Listen now to hear:

  • What a Product leader does every day (00:34)
  • Christine’s top three insights every CS leader should know (03:03)
  • How to build a strong Customer Voice program together (06:06)
  • Tips for navigating challenges and aligning on customer needs (16:44)
  • And much more…

Guest Quotes

Christine on the role of product teams in driving revenue generation:

“Product people and product teams, we too are responsible for revenue. There was a world in which product success was tied to the number of features that you put out. Today, that's not the world we operate in. We are just as responsible for driving bottom line numbers, driving revenue up, and keeping retention high and churn down as the rest of the company… We want to make sure that the experience we created continues to drive delight or that we can make it more delightful. All of that translates into real business metrics, not the number of features that we put out.”

Christine on setting time aside to speak directly to customers:

“Customer time comes first. We can’t do our jobs without speaking to customers. We just onboarded these two new PMs and they dove right into customer conversations. When I started, I was like ‘OK, which customers do I need to speak with right now, who are the ones who have been with us for X amount of time so that I can understand where they love us, where they hate us, where we can do better.’ So I don’t know if it’s a matter of making time, it’s just making sure that they’re always priority #1… If they’re not a priority and you’re a product person, you probably need to switch your profession.”

Christine on why you shouldn't try to please every customer:

“There's that saying, ‘Only the fool tries to please everyone.’ Product people, especially earlier in their career, want to please every customer, and then it ends up hurting everyone. So we have to be really intentional about what we're going after so that we can solve the pain for a massive amount of customers, not just one or two, but we truly do want to solve pain for everybody.”

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