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Scale or Fail: Mastering Sales & Customer Success Collaboration
Jun 28
1:00 pm

Scale or Fail: Mastering Sales & Customer Success Collaboration

When it comes to Sales & Customer Success—alignment is out, collaboration is in.

Vitally has built a panel of Customer Success and Sales leaders from our own team, DUCO, Ignition, and Hubstaff to discuss how they scaled collaboration between Sales and CS at their companies (plus tactical advice on how you can level up your Customer handoff process today)!

Our panelists cover:

  • How Sales and Customer Success collaboration looks different for different CS models.
  • Mitigating surprises and managing expectations before, during, and after customer onboarding.
  • The differences between a mature and immature customer handoff, and advice on how to improve your organization's process.
  • Answers to your questions!


Access the On-Demand Recording:

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