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How To Start Your Customer Success Organization ft. RecastSuccess
May 9
1:00 pm

How To Start Your Customer Success Organization ft. RecastSuccess

Building a successful Customer Success organization requires more than just a plan; do you have the leadership and tools to lay a strong foundation?

Vitally—the modern Customer Success Platform—and RecastSuccess—the professional training and coaching program for Customer Success career transitioners—brought together a panel of Customer Success leaders who have built and scaled Customer Success teams to discuss how to build a Customer Success organization from the ground up. 

Our panelists shared:

  • Advice on having a Leader or IC as your first Customer Success hire.
  • Essential tools necessary to scale your Customer Success efforts.
  • Support vs. Success: How to balance the needs of your customers while achieving company goals.
  • Insight on which GTM insights will drive your Customer Success strategy. 
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