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How to Measure Customer Education’s Impact on Retention

How to Measure Customer Education’s Impact on Retention
Jul 18
1:00 pm

Customer education can be a powerful initiative for scaling your Customer Success organization while strengthening overall retention rates…

This webinar brought together Customer Success and education leaders from Vitally, WorkRamp, and Productboard to share their insights on the impact of customer education on retention, and its pivotal role in scaling and ensuring your customers get the most value out of what they need to succeed.

Here’s a sneak peek of the topics they unraveled during the webinar:

  • Why customer education is crucial in scaling Customer Success operation
  • Best practices for building an academy center accessible to customers
  • How to operationalize and measure customer education’s impact on customer success

Watch the on-demand recording of the webinar to uncover the hidden gems behind customer education’s pivotal role in Customer Success operations and walk away with ways to create an educational oasis for your customers.

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