Customer Success Processes That You Aren’t Automating But Should

Customer Success Processes That You Aren’t Automating But Should
Mar 20
10:00 am

In the fast-paced world of Customer Success, automation emerges as a powerful ally to overcome the challenges posed by repetitive tasks. Join Sara Bonanno, Sr. Customer Success Operations Specialist at Zapier, and Zack Joswiak, Manager of Solution Architects at Vitally, in this insightful webinar as we explore how Vitally seamlessly integrates with Zapier to automate workflows and enhance your team's productivity.

Discover how unlocking the power of automation can revolutionize your Customer Success strategies. Whether you're a Vitally customer or exploring the possibilities, this webinar promises valuable insights and practical tips to elevate your Customer Success endeavors.

Key takeaways include:

Automation in Customer Success

  • Understanding the role of automation in tackling low-level time-consuming tasks.
  • Integrating your existing SaaS ecosystem for a streamlined experience.
  • Exploring the limitations of native integrations and the need for a versatile solution.

CS Processes That You Aren’t Currently Automating But Should Be

  • The significance of automation in saving time and improving efficiency.
  • Examples of CS processes that you might not be currently automating but could be, featuring real life examples from Zapier and Vitally
  • Practical applications and benefits of integrations with Gong, Freshdesk, Jira, Google Calendar, Productboard, Chameleon, Slack, and Survicate.

Essential Zapier Integrations for Vitally Users

  • Dive into the top 8 Zapier integrations recommended by Vitally
  • Overview of Zapier as the key to connecting your tech stack
  • How seamless Zapier integrations with Vitally provide actionable insights and up-to-date information for enhanced Customer Success


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