CSM Confidential: What Your Team Is Saying Behind Closed Doors (And What They Really Need)

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10:00 AM
CSM Confidential: What Your Team Is Saying Behind Closed Doors (And What They Really Need)

Join us for an exclusive event series tailored for CS leaders and executives! Last Fall, Vitally's "The Secret Lives of CSMs" report revealed deep insights from over 600 Customer Success Managers, uncovering hidden truths about salaries, burnout, secret job hunts, and more.

Secure your spot on the waitlist for all three eye-opening sessions:

July 10: [Part 1] CSM Confidential: How Work Impacts Life for CSMs
Discover surprising insights and strategies to boost performance and morale from guest speaker Ryan Johansen. Plus, enjoy a fireside chat with CS leaders Parker Moore and Celine Doumar on combating burnout.

August 7: [Part 2] Helping Direct Reports Navigate Career Growth & Compensation
Learn about career development’s impact on job satisfaction, with a keynote on career pathing and live breakout sessions. Join a panel discussion with Mia Kang and Sarah Steingraber on advocating for team growth.

September 4: [Part 3] Daily Struggles: Communication & Collaboration
Explore how to tackle modern CSM challenges like complex client demands and admin overload. We'll share strategies for reducing stress through software automation and improved cross-departmental collaboration. Leadership expert Allie Stark, Co-Founder of Noria, will also discuss how to be an inspiring and effective leader.

We're keeping the group intimate for meaningful interactions, so request your spot today! Don’t miss this chance to uncover what’s keeping your team up at night and how you can help them thrive.


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