Collaborate Like Never Before with Docs

Introducing personalized workspaces powered by customer data. Docs makes it easy for Customer Success teams and their customers to collaborate and achieve goals together.

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Deliver Success Through Collaboration

Streamline visibility of data insights, mission-critical tasks, and cross-organizational communication to provide best-in-class customer experiences.

Share Data From Vitally

Seamlessly combine customer data and insights from the Vitally platform to help customers make informed decisions and better understand their success with your product.

Embed Projects & Tasks

Keep everyone informed and aligned on what needs to get done. Tasks can be assigned, viewed, and completed by both internal and external teams, making it easier than ever to stay on track.

Collaborate in Real-Time

No more time wasted tracking down feedback throughout email chains. With Docs, teams can leave inline comments and feedback  ensuring no important thought is ever missed or left to chance.

Create A Workspace For You and Your Customers

With just a few clicks, your Customer Success team can easily create a Doc to provide a personal workspace for their customers.

Improved Transparency

By using Docs, you can easily communicate details to customers at every stage of the customer journey.

Whether you're sharing onboarding steps, stats for a quarterly business review, or even step-by-step guides for implementing new product experiences, Docs makes it seamless to share information between Vitally and your customers.

Manage Projects More Efficiently

Stay on track of your shared goals and tasks with Projects and Tasks that can be assigned across teams and embedded directly into any doc.

Mission Accomplished

With Projects and Tasks in Docs, teams across organizations are no longer bottlenecked by the unknown.

Users are able to freely mark tasks as completed, ensuring visibility of project status while also enabling other stakeholders and project owners to work on next steps.

Engage in Real-Time Discussions

Whether adding feedback, asking questions, or sharing praise, strengthen visibility and collaboration with in-Doc comments.

Feedback Centralized

Maintaining feedback loops in this day and age is difficult with emails, Slack messages, and other means of communication. There is nothing worse than missing an important update or customer feedback.

Centralize all your feedback and conversations in the same place where your team collaborates. We'll notify you whenever a new update is available, so you'll never miss anything.

Take Care of all the Details

Streamline the process of collecting and updating customer data with updatable embedded traits.

Sync Up

Let your customers add their own details about their organization or business needs by including updatable traits.

The added information will automatically tie back to their account, allowing your Customer Success team to get the information they need without having to go take additional steps to capture business-critical data.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can Docs help my Customer Success team collaborate with customers?

Vitally Docs are a collaborative tool for Customer Success teams and their customers to work together from a single workspace. With a Doc, Customer Success teams can build personalized experiences to help guide their customers through projects and mission-critical tasks, as well as share important and helpful information throughout the customer journey.

From a Doc, teams across  both organizations can monitor and close tasks, contribute new feedback, and have streamlined discussions.

How are Docs different from a text document, collaboration platform, or customer portal?

Unlike a shared text editor, like Google Docs, or a collaboration platform, such as Notion, Docs are powered by the Customer Data of Vitally’s Customer Success Platform.

That means you’re able to leverage the same customer data from across your tech stack (including Salesforce, HubSpot, Segment, Mixpanel, Stripe, Intercom, & more) as a Customer Success team in Vitally with your external customers.

Why do I need a collaboration tool for my Customer Success Platform?

When it comes to evaluating Customer Success Platforms (CSP), it’s important to understand the differences between each tool and the value their suite of features brings to your team and broader organization.

With Vitally, teams benefit from having an all-in-one platform that allows Customer Success teams to manage every part of the customer journey. With Docs, it’s never been easier for CSMs and other success team members to align their day-to-day duties with their cross-organization responsibilities. Now, they leverage all the data and insights they have in their CSP as part of their collaboration efforts.

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