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Streamline your discovery process and delight prospects with Carly's interactive Sales Discovery Blueprint.

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About this Blueprint

Blueprints are a collection of Vitally best practices and use cases brought to you by today's Customer Success thought leaders.

Discovery is one of the most important stages of the sales cycle. Teams need to scope out a prospect’s current challenges, gain their trust and build rapport, and then determine if they're a good fit to move forward with. 

Our Sales Discovery Blueprint makes it easy for Sales teams to centralize prospect information and processes into one Vitally Doc. This Blueprint can serve as an all-in-one source for everything from prospect research, discovery call questions and answers, to an overview of the next steps following the initial conversation.

Carly Bennett, the Sales Manager at Vitally, uses this Sales Discovery Blueprint to collaborate with prospects, uncover their needs, and align on how our solution can help them solve their business goals.

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When to use a Sales Discovery Blueprint

This Blueprint should be used when you are in the initial stages with a prospect. Sales teams can use this Doc Template to formalize their process of identifying qualified leads and provide a single source of truth teams can look back on.

Our Sales Discovery Blueprint includes sample questions to ask a prospect, current to-do’s, next steps, and much more in one editable and shareable Doc. Each of these sections can be easily adapted to fit your team’s needs and can serve as a great starting point for those who may not have a process already in place.

KPIs Impacted
  • Sales-qualified lead (SQL)
  • Conversion Rate
  • Length of Sales Cycle
What data points or information will you need to complete or add?

Several parts of this Blueprint will need to be customized to fit your team's process and product. For example, if you need to gather more information from a prospect, you could create and assign additional tasks requesting data from them (e.g. Who are all the decision makers evaluating this solution?). This way, prospects can add information on their own time and keep the sales process moving.

How can you customize this for other use cases?

This Sales Discovery Blueprint uses Vitally Tasks, Projects, and Account Variables (customer data points) which are customizable features across the entire Vitally platform. You can easily replicate and adapt this Doc Template for a variety of market segments, products, and use cases.

Tip: Once the prospect has turned into a paying customer, you could create a Vitally Project (collection of Tasks) to ensure a successful Sales to Customer Success Handoff. Afterwards, you could then send your customer an Implementation Guide using a Doc Template. The possibilities are endless!

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