Resolving NPS Detractors with Mixpanel

Quickly address and resolve customer concerns at scale using Ryan from Mixpanel's customizable NPS Detractor Blueprint.

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About this Blueprint

Blueprints are a collection of Vitally best practices and use cases brought to you by today's Customer Success thought leaders.

Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveys measure how happy users are with your product. When Admin users or product champions become NPS Detractors, it’s typically a huge red flag that something is wrong. In order to mitigate risks and address the customer’s issues as quickly as possible, it’s important to have a standardized process in place to course correct these early indicators of churn.

With Vitally Project Templates, teams can quickly and easily standardize the Tasks that need to get done when an NPS Detractor is detected.

Ryan Seams, the Senior Director, Customer Success at Mixpanel, and his team use this NPS Detractor Blueprint to quickly resolve concerns at scale and ensure customers are happy after the fact.

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When to use an NPS Detractor Blueprint

This NPS Detractor Blueprint is ideal for Customer Success teams who operate with a Hybrid or High-Touch Customer Success model, where you focus on 1:1 interactions with a dedicated CSM.

In this Blueprint, we’ve included various Milestones and Tasks to guide you towards researching why a user has become a detractor, steps to address their concerns, and internal Tasks for the CSM to complete. If your team does not have an existing process in place for addressing NPS Detractors, this Project Template can serve as a great starting point or source of inspiration.

KPIs Impacted
  • Net Promoter Score (NPS)
  • Product Adoption Rate
  • Net Revenue Retention (NRR) Rate
What data points or information will you need to complete or add?

Depending on your Customer Success engagement model, you may want to add or deduct steps from this NPS Detractor Project Template. For example, you could add an additional Task to loop in other departments or key stakeholders depending on the severity of the issue. You’ll also want to define what range constitutes a detractor for your specific organization.

How can you customize this for other use cases?

Every Customer Success department has its own processes and priorities. This Blueprint uses Vitally Tasks, NPS Surveys, Notes, and Conversations (emails). All of these elements can be customized to fit your use case and industry. 

For example, you could create a Project Template dedicated to the opposite use case of NPS Promoters. Using Vitally Playbooks, you could have an automated, personalized email sent from the Customer Success Manager (CSM) thanking the NPS Promoter and gauging their interest for customer advocacy or marketing activities.

About Mixpanel

Mixpanel is a leading product analytics software company, currently helping the world answer 81 million product questions every year. Their pioneering event-based tracking solution gives product teams the ability to gain insights into how to best acquire, convert, and retain their users across web and mobile platforms.

Mixpanel enables teams to learn from their user data and innovate rapidly in creating winning products. Today, they serve nearly 7,000+ paying customers through seven offices globally in their quest to provide the most in-depth product analytics that everyone can use and trust.

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