PeopleGrove's Guide to Engaging Customer Advocates at Scale

Discover how Emma Miller-Crimm, Sr. Customer Marketing Manager at PeopleGrove, uses Vitally to gather customer value stories and engage with potential advocates.

About this Blueprint

Blueprints are a collection of Vitally best practices and use cases brought to you by today's Customer Success thought leaders.

The discovery and creation of customer advocates is one of the best ways to ensure customer retention. 

With Vitally’s Note & Conversation Templates, Customer Marketing teams can streamline their processes for collecting customer stories and create a scalable engine for advocate outreach.

Check out how Emma Miller-Crimm, Sr. Customer Marketing Manager at PeopleGrove, uses Vitally to gather customer value stories and engage with potential advocates.

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When to use this Blueprint

Emma’s Blueprint includes two example templates: one for Customer Success Managers to use when speaking with customers (Value Story Note Template) and one that Emma uses herself when reaching out to potential advocates (Reference Program Conversation Template).

The Value Story Note Template should be used when CSMs are first introduced to customers. You can even run a Spiff Program to incentivize CSMs to fill out these templates and offer a gift card for the person who collects the most Value Stories in a quarter.

The Reference Program Conversation Template is targeted towards users who give an NPS score of 8 or higher. You can use Playbook Automation in Vitally to automatically send this program invitation based on many other factors as well, including lifecycle stage, segmentation, and product usage.

KPIs Impacted
  • # of New Deals Influenced by Advocates (Closed Won)
  • % in Deal Velocity
  • Total ARR Amount ($) of New Deals Influenced by Reference Program Advocates
  • % of Difference that Advocate Accounts Retain over Non-Advocates
What data points or information will you need to complete or add?

Emma’s customer advocacy templates are based on PeopleGrove’s audience and internal processes. You’ll need to adjust the contents of each to ensure it makes sense for your business.

With Note Templates & Conversation Templates, you can pull in a wide range of Variables from your Organizations, Accounts, and Users. These are customer data points that live in Vitally that can help you automatically personalize outreach and dynamically fill in account details. For example, you could pull in other Account Variables in the Value Story Note Template such as CSM Sentiment, Health Score, and usage data from across your product analytics tools.

How can you customize this for other use cases?

Note Templates & Conversation Templates are customizable for any scenario within Customer Marketing and beyond. For Customer Success teams, you could create a Conversation Template to drive expansion revenue or welcome new accounts as they move from Sales to Customer Success.

You could create Note Templates to document churn reasons or jot down notes for a customer renewal. The possibilities are limitless!

About PeopleGrove

As higher education’s first Career Access Platform™, PeopleGrove is a smart career network that recommends Mentorship, Networking, Career Exploration, and the Job Connections that together effectively build the social capital learners need to succeed.

Unlike other student success tools and alumni engagement software, PeopleGrove is lifelong career support that’s smart, personal, and helpful even to those without a network, experience, or clear starting point.

Established in 2015, PeopleGrove set out to build the most helpful network ever created because they believe career fulfillment is a right every single person should have. To date, they’ve helped millions of learners on their career journeys: 1+ million connections, 96% retention rate, 20+ million users, 60% of US News Top 100 Universities, 5/5 average rating from user interactions, and 650+ customers served.

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