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Customer Feedback Survey: How Molly From Upwards Gathers Detailed Customer Insights

Discover how Molly, CS Operations Manager at Upwards, uses Custom Surveys in Vitally to gather and report on customer feedback.

About this Blueprint

Blueprints are a collection of Vitally best practices and use cases brought to you by today's Customer Success thought leaders.

Explore how Molly Gioe, Customer Success Operations Manager at Upwards, and her team use Vitally Custom Surveys to streamline customer feedback collection.

“Customer centricity is one of our core values at Upwards, so we are always looking for low friction ways to gather quantitative and qualitative data that enhances customer outcomes.”

Custom Surveys in Vitally enable teams to gather detailed customer insights, analyze results alongside the rest of their customer data, and power automation based on what they learn.

With Upwards’ Care Navigation Survey, the Customer Success team is able to efficiently gather detailed feedback on their services.

How this Blueprint works

Upwards is a data-driven platform that connects families with caregivers and supplies them with the resources they need to afford care. Molly has created a Care Navigation Survey to understand the experience of families who interact with their Care Navigators.

The Care Navigation Survey uses a range of question types (date picker, rating scale, multi-select, etc.) and is sent to their user base using Vitally Conversations. Conversations can also be templatized so the team can send surveys as customers meet certain criteria or reach certain stages of their journey with Upwards. The team can then aggregate the feedback collected into a Vitally Dashboard for easy, high-level reporting.

Check out the interactive Blueprint to see Molly’s survey!

About Upwards

Upwards is a technology-driven care solutions company with a mission to make care accessible to all families and empower the caregivers who provide it. Upwards brings together families, care providers, employers, and governments to create new care avenues in real-time and utilizes a data-driven approach to enhance the supply and capacity of the care system. Upwards matches families with caregivers equipped to meet their unique needs and connects families with the resources they need to afford care, whether through government subsidies or workplace benefits.

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