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Senior Director of Customer Success, Productboard
John Henwood
“Over the past year we have been fortunate to really improve our retention rate, and a lot of those insights are from the data we have been able to gather from Vitally."

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“We’re the CRM for car washes, but we need the CRM for Customer Success.”

Henry Simon
Customer Success Manager

“Being able to have everything in one location really lets us compare the success and effectiveness of the entire team.”

Eleah Steinberg
Technical Enablement Specialist

“I 100% think Vitally helps with the productivity of my [Customer Success] team.”

Jide Adebayo
Director of Customer Success

“What makes Vitally different is how you can parse all that data. The views are so powerful, [telling] me everything I need to know in one single click.”

Star Hofer
Former Chief Customer Officer

"Our team now really works solely out of Vitally. Instead of being in our inbox all day, we're able to be proactive."

Hope Supernic
Director of Customer Success

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