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Optimize Customer Success for every customer journey from adoption to expansion with powerful tools and automation to scale your Product Led business.
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Let Your Product Do the Talking

Connect Vitally with your tech stack to drive your book of business with Product-Led Growth.

Know when customers sign up for your product

Automatically pull-in key account data

Track product adoption and monitor usage

Identify new account risks or expansion opportunities

Measure feedback and customer journeys

Eliminate Blind Spots witha 360º view of Every Customer

From hundreds to thousands of customers, Vitally empowers Customer Success teams to stay ahead of the insights and data that power their business’s Product-Led Growth.
Instant Time to Value
Plug-and-play Customer Success platform that can drive results on day one.
Unlock Next-Level Insights
Unify dispersed customer data points with 20+ plug-and-play integrations.
Scale Without Limits
Automate your CS processes to deliver personalized customer experiences at scale.
Prevent Churn
Proactively identify at-risk and opportune accounts so your team can take immediate action.
Increase Expansion
Impact top-line growth with a complete picture of your customer base and world-class customer experiences.
10x CSM Bandwidth
Enhance CSM efficiency & productivity by streamlining day-to-day tasks and centralizing customer data.

Built for Any Product-Led Business Model

Measure success from acquisition to conversion

Deepen your insights on customers looking to invest in your product. Vitally makes it easy to automatically track new customers, monitor their product activity, and deliver tailored experiences to convert their trial to fully paid.

Give Customers Your Full Product Experience

our product’s free experience is great, but there is so much more value for your customers — and your business — on a paid plan. Track customer behavior and identify indicators to provide tailored messaging and opportunities to take your customer's experiences to the next level.

Stay on Track of Your Customers as They Grow

As their product usage changes month-to-month, stay informed on real-time revenue expectations while also providing transparency back to your customers when they’re reaching higher-than-usual levels of usage.

Expand Revenue With Tailored Cross-Selling

Your customers are already a fan of your product. Now, it’s time to show them what else your business can do for them. Whether sharing the rest of your product suite or expanding into new offerings, cater to your customer's needs while easily managing and measuring their various subscriptions.

Powerful Features for Product-Led Customer Success

Vitally makes it easy for your Customer Success team to scale your business’s PLG motion through acquisition, expansion, conversion, and retention.

Bi-direcational Integrations
Health Scores
Playbook Automation
Custom Dashboards
Customer 360º
Custom Success Metrics
Projects & Templates
Built-in Reports
User 360º
Account Segmentation
Tasks & Assignments
Real-time Indicators
Product Analytics
Customer Notes
Conversations & Interactions
Trends & Alerts
NPS Feedback
Custom Traits
Lifecycle Tracking
Custom Views

All of Your Customer Data in One Place

Seamlessly integrate your customer data

Connect Vitally to your CRM, revenue, product analytics, messaging, data warehousing, and business tools to give your team direct access to the customer data they need.

Build a 360º view of your customers and users

From your Product-Led insights to customer details, instantly see everything you need to know about your customers, champions, and the end-users of your product.

Keep data synced across your business

With powerful bi-directional integrations, seamlessly keep critical customer data synced across your tech stack, including contact details, notes, tasks, and much more.


Deepen Insights to Maximize Results

Measure the health of your customers

Turn your Product-Led Growth into insights for understanding the real-time health of your customers. Create tailored Health Scores customized with weight and metrics tied to each segment to drive success throughout the customer journey.

Track success based on your organization

Create powerful, Custom Success Metrics to see how your customers are using your product. As time goes by, monitor trends and take immediate action to ensure customers are back on track.

Tailor experiences for the customer journey

As customers reach new milestones with your product, move them into new segments to optimize their experiences, as well as adjust to what measures health and success.


Scale Customer Success Operations

Maximize results with powerful automation

Optimize Customer Success around your business’s Product-Led Growth. Playbooks in Vitally can be used to automate manual processes such as CSM assignement and customer lifecycle segmentation, as well as track and alert for critical events that may inidicate a churn risk or expansion opportunity.

Stay on track with projects and tasks

Ensure your Customer Success team stays on track of customer objectives and personal tasks with Vitally’s project management capabilities. Automatically create new projects and tasks triggered by events and customer activity.

Deliver seamless customer interactions

By connecting your conversation and messaging tools to Vitally, Customer Success teams can both access and manage their inboxes while leveraging the data in Vitally to deliver timely discussions.


Optimize Growth With Insights & Analytics

Track KPIs and customer success metrics

Access all the data about your customers and team under a single-pane-of-glass. Track the performance and progress of Customer Success Managers while also monitoring customer success driven by Product-Led initiatives.

Build powerful reports and dashboards

Visualize customer data, health, and your team's work to gain a complete picture of what is happening across your Customer Success organization. Tie success back to product insights and behavior to know what is working.

Monitor trends, risks, and opportunities

Gain real-time visibility into mission-critical insights of customer behavior. Track customer activity in your product to detect new growth opportunities or unusual activity that may lead to potential churn.

“Our team now really works solely out of Vitally. Instead of being in our inbox all day, we’re able to be proactive.”

Hope Supernic Director of Customer Success

See how PLG leaders are transforming CS with Vitally

The hype is real. See for yourself.

Work more efficiently with all your customer data across your stack under one roof.

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Product-Led Growth
Frequently Asked Questions

What is Product-Led Growth? Product-Led Customer Success?

Product-Led Growth (PLG) is a business approach where the product itself (typically SaaS solutions) is the primary growth lever for the business. This includes key parts of the customer lifecycle, such as user acquisition, expansion, conversion, and retention.

Product-Led Customer Success, similar to PLG, is where the focus on growing the business is done through Customer Success teams. For CS teams, this typically requires the use of a Customer Success Platform to actively monitor the behavior and usage of customers.

Despite being two business strategies, Product-Led Growth and Customer Led Growth can coexist, and when approached startegically, can drive even greater results for your business.

Does my business need to be PLG to use Vitally?

Vitally is a Customer Success Platform built for all types of Customer Success. This includes Customer Success models such as low-touch, mid-touch, and high-touch, as well as a wide range of business models including Product-Led Growth.

Is Product-Led Growth only for SaaS?

Due to its nature of being a product-driven experience, Software-as-a-service (SaaS) is often a great fit for a Product-Led Growth approach. However, PLG can be a strategy leveraged by any business that wants to build its growth around the product experience.

Is Product-Led Customer Success the same as Low-Touch Customer Success?

While Product-Led Customer Success teams can follow a low-touch Customer Success model, they are not necessarily the same. Product-Led Customer Success, like Product-Led Growth, is a strategy whereas low-touch Customer Success is a model. Product-Led Customer Success can be leveraged by all models of Customer Success, including low-touch, mid-touch, and high-touch.

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