Connect Slack to Vitally to gain real-time visibility into customer information and alerts.

What is the Slack integration?

Slack is a powerful communication tool used by many teams to stay informed on what is happening across their business in real-time. With this integration, Customer Success teams can stay proactive with their customer base while also helping keep the broader organization informed on customer information.

By connecting Slack data into Vitally, Customer Success teams can:

  • Trigger alerts of events happening in Vitally to Slack.
  • Stay informed on new accounts and assignments.  
  • Track updates to tasks, projects, and automation.
  • Identify accounts at risk of churn or expansion opportunities.
  • Keep your team and business up-to-date on what’s happening.

Data Provided by Slack

Account Data

Import and sync your account data, including companies, users, contact information, and additional key customer data.

Product Usage

Monitor and track product events to better understand the way your customers are using your products.


Sync emails and tickets to and from Vitally for seamless customer conversations.

Revenue Data

Sync your customer's subscription and revenue data (i.e. trials, MRR, renewal dates, churn) into Vitally.

Benefits of Slack Integration

  • Receive real-time alerts for what's happening across your customer base.
  • Share important customer information and updates with cross-functional stakeholders.


  • Access to Vitally
  • Access to Slack

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