Connect Mixpanel with Vitally to sync user, customer, and event data.

What is the Mixpanel integration?

Mixpanel is a powerful analytics tool for helping organizations track how users interact with their applications. This includes information around who is using your products, as well as how, so you can optimize customer-focused operations.

By connecting Mixpanel data into Vitally, Customer Success teams can:

  • Sync Mixpanel user profiles as Vitally users
  • Track product-based events to create unique Health Scores, Playbooks, and Projects
  • Sync and analyze revenue/subscription data for customer lifecycle tracking
  • Build historical reports based on any data point across your stack

Available data sets include:

  • Users (via the identify API)
  • Accounts (using traits attached to users in the identify API)
  • Product events (via the track API)
  • Subscription data like MRR, renewal dates, etc (via traits on the user or track events)

Data Provided by Mixpanel

Account Data

Import and sync your account data, including companies, users, contact information, and additional key customer data.

Product Usage

Monitor and track product events to better understand the way your customers are using your products.

Revenue Data

Sync your customer's subscription and revenue data (i.e. trials, MRR, renewal dates, churn) into Vitally.

Benefits of the Mixpanel Integration

  • Improve Customer 360º with automatic syncing of customer product activity
  • Create Playbook Automations based on customer product activity
  • Track Projects based on product-based actions throughout the Customer Lifecycle
  • Seamlessly create new user profiles for existing customers
  • Auto-add each customer's subscription details (e.g. MRR, renewal date) to their Vitally profile


  • Access to Vitally
  • Access to Mixpanel
  • Mixpanel API Secret
  • Traits for Unique IDs, Names, and Accounts

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