Connect Hubspot to Vitally to seamlessly manage the handoff from Sales to Customer Success.

What is the HubSpot integration?

HubSpot is a powerful CRM for helping organizations manage relationships with their customers. With this integration, Customer Success teams can ensure Vitally is updated with real-time data for customers across your organization.

By connecting HubSpot data into Vitally, Customer Success teams can:

  • Import any subset of HubSpot accounts (as Vitally accounts)
  • Import any subset of HubSpot contacts (as Vitally users)
  • Add Vitally's unique customer insights (e.g. health score, segments, etc) to your HubSpot records
  • Sync notes & tasks taken in Hubspot into Vitally and push notes & tasks taken in Vitally to HubSpot

Available data sets include:

  • Companies: Vitally can import your HubSpot companies into Vitally as accounts. 
  • Contacts: Vitally can import your HubSpot contacts into Vitally as users. 
  • Notes: Sync your HubSpot notes into Vitally and push Vitally's notes back to Hubspot.
  • Tasks: Sync your Hubspot tasks into Vitally and push Vitally's tasks back to HubSpot.
  • Email: Sync your HubSpot emails to Vitally.

Data Provided by HubSpot

Account Data

Import and sync your account data, including companies, users, contact information, and additional key customer data.


Sync emails and tickets to and from Vitally for seamless customer conversations.

Benefits of HubSpot Integration

  • Automatically create new accounts and users from HubSpot
  • Deliver seamless customer handoffs with customer notes
  • Manage conversations from HubSpot in a single platform
  • Sync data across both Vitally and HubSpot for real-time updates
  • Leverage HubSpot data to create tailored Playbooks


  • Access to Vitally
  • Access to HubSpot
  • An External ID for accounts and/or users Recommended

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