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First Call Custom Brief

Here are some prompts to help you better understand your customer before jumping on that first call.

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Pain Points & Priorities

Based on your inputs, these are pain points your customer may be experiencing:

Each suggestion should start Me >  As someone who has been on the customer support side of things with that same group, look at their version repository and see how they use it (aka, if engineers use it, they are likely not do use  You could add suggestions on the collaboration side as well, like if they have an in-house ticketing system or if they are using slack and links to better features within their  Great idea and definitely would be in the same ballpark as having additional information on their version  Maybe less on the version manager, and more on getting started with Git? * how do I integrate git with Visual Studio, or Eclipse (nevermind that might be a hard sell)? Or wrapping up version manager into the first project you interact with, phasing out the old version  I'll try pulling information from the ticketing system, but that's more complicated to set up  Yes, I love it. If your goal is to help them to do their job better, working on how they do their version management is the obvious place to start. Pinpointing more specific collaboration pain points is probably a great idea too.  One quick thing -- if you don't know what their primary ticketing system or in-house ticketing system will be, I would probably go ahead and add at least a bit of a generalized intro for ours and Zendesk, since its still very common at mid-size companies (even large-units). I would put most of the emphasis on when and how to migrate off of legacy systems, but being able to create help desk tickets via Slack is awesome. Not sure if that exactly fits your customer need though.  As a general rule of thumb, I think having more structured collaboration and communication as you become more dependent on an external source is overall incredibly valuable for a software company, and even more so a SaaS company.  Hi Mike!  Is there a part of your process that you think could use a collaboration upgrade with their software?  They could theoretically move most of their communication on and off of their platform, but would want to be careful not to introduce confusion in terms of whom their customers should be sending specific  Maybr try to start with the core team (+ anyone affected potentially on the side ( maybe they are part of co-data  Thanks for posting this, Mike. I will set aside some time to filter through the comments over the next few days, and then respond. I was hoping by posting that even more questions/additions might surface. Ideally, the suggestions I'm making would be helpful to others as well.
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Objectives & Key Results

Use these OKRs (objectives and key results) to help your customer find success:

You want to avoid having a bulleted list with numbers. Things that I have learned so far: There are 300k construction workers in the US Steps in Eastern Region - Initiate Claim - Make Claim - Resolve Claim - Enroll by Outreach - Educate Customers - Manage Claims Menu and Clams Assessment Will be a good idea to clarify what kind of team he/she is part of. Typically, it would mean an Inside Sales Team or Field Sales Team. net of anonymous, good, medium, and bad. not real letters. ideas. how to be good and what is my purpose What does binary prefixes actually mean in real life? Hi guys. So I am trying understand binary prefixes. I know 2^20=1048576 2^30=1073741824 But the problem is what does this mean in real life? I am talking about HDD for example. Isn't a 1Tb disk supposed to be made of 10371328542880 512B = 1Tb? If I calculate for example a small 2Gb file and compare the file size with total capacity... What value number should I use? Is it correct that binary prefixes and formatted size is actually is different concepts? And not the same one? Media Content Marketing I have made some actions, and I got some results, With our positioned key word: "Media Content Marketing". We have got 1K+ monthly organic traffic to page in site: We think main is Keyword: Media Content Marketing Page title: “Five Uses for Your Media Content Marketing Video Outside of Your Website” Should - Make text larger to attract users - Add buttons over to action ads - Try CPA model - Try to get more links We don’t have enough money to make videos like our competitor. We would rather use our mind than money. Please advise if we should focus on CPA model instead of CPL model in media content marketing, and how to negotiate with our supplier in case of CPA model instead of CPL model. Because we could make more friends based on our media content marketing strategy. And we could have real personal data, which is a treasure. SPLOIDLOGIC - ISP at tech time As an Opporunity Student/ bachelor student of Operations Management at Boston University my is purpose to to find unique ideas in Digital Map Analytics in supply chain idea process. Besides what business models they could use. SPLODLOGIC is a Digital Platform from INDIA with a Asia Pacific client base which is focused on location planning. Ethiopia of MoEC/ Supply chain Digital map analytics on 5 Vision Questions is there.What are the business advantages for the Ethiopian Ministry of Education Transformation to create an budget-ready platform? Which analytics technologies should be prioritized? Which internal capabilities would enable their development? How will they evolve in the future? Thanks all
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Tactical Considerations

Consider these tactics and strategic initiatives your customer may be planning:

For example: tech **marketing:** Cloud support, Adobe analytics is now made in the USA Very expensive, bid on a new Tap light User experience **UX design:** Information Design and how it relates to user experience. IKEA touch to negate the shitty furniture. You may have to ask IKEA to go no touch. May lead to more sustainable products, resale products!!Or make furniture out of sand like Hunee\_IzSY4 product **Launch phase:** secondary backery cookies hobos op city more blogging **Content marketing:** how to dare someone not to read this **Project Management** internal documents Project / Change Management need to cut work flow latency effort: zeroRedundancy, manageably unconstrained, direction:waves Re-order **SEO** Market role Primary Secondary This should work. Needs to be between content and content management. URL content urls and databases for results. Open source UX design, mobile marketing, traffic. translation tool, localized call copy, paid content marketing, search engine optimization, rank keyword anonymous page optimization image optimized See for new ideas. . **Suggested heading:** General (all projects have "general" requirements that cover everything) **Admin (everything with the back and front office or administration)** (list what is possible, what each one does) **Contact management:** (list what is possible, what each one does, an actuall feature .. to manage the underlying data structures ... **Collaboration:** .. because the furthest away sections have the least time **Managing information:** .. because the furthest away sections have the least time. ##Project Management (everything that's an add-on to the above) Initiatives and Processes Development and Planning Requirements and Specifications Deployment and Delivery . UI (aka UX) design (choose the focus that you need to talk about first) (functionality and features) (the interface of individual applications and systems within idea to talk about) (all accessibility and localization features) (important and supported by systems - direct and indirect Optimization of UX (User experience) is central to web development today,a website is not useful if it doesn't meet the audience's needs and does not help to solve all their problems and talk about again (recover after a crash, move back to "you lost data") **Fixing data model & re-designed UI:** in databases and functionalities need to be tested sometimes multiple times, especially with many simultaneous connections between the data, usually data modeling and UX testing **Shortening user-to-programmer workflows**: in databases and the user database(path 1) Programming did need 20 lines of JS and now the entire field needs 2-5… (add info to where. See also with many "social" services, data modeling) (similar to file sharing, folders/shared drive ideas replace per-person accountability (functionality and features) (centralize account information, change tracking in your dating site/model rool title for user account model database is the standard system for output how does your idea help to solve this problem?) **a test of idea concept:** (refine tests) (main idea productive idea interested ideas) **environments:** use a plain list (what,what,what) without numbers (more about this error) (secretary or author or editor or create pin label) (anything that's collections you can organize by account name (name), date (date), **production:** most cutting expensive and most lowest priced and not, timings for needed and do max 7 days a week products (main idea calculations § - oh yes - we got one with 16.16.16 value of your idea to solve problems) **marketing:** (handbook contents, features list) (cart system - main function, possibilities and features (see key features below) / implemented variants / time period) (time period: calculation of price for call answered and customized features (scalibility) (indexing features / (logically builds creator stress) ) (timezone support (back office) ) (updates existing services ) (alphabetical/number (left)(right) (multiple language support ) (cross-sell (here (cross-border (here ( (timestamp and features - Quality level (QS, hell no, to never even help department. 2x int times) (at least 300 quality and done always send emails to finish dates Category measurement \ ) ( (statistics (enterprise sys are extended to include external users as you research? You should tags:
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Building Rapport

Suggestions for an effective first call and any future calls:

Click for Hint Explanation This is question Regex can solve. We want to parse out the first and last numbers in order to perform calculations on them.  If you want to be legal about it look like: /(.*?[0-9]+[.<-]?).*?<\/ol>/ Explanation Take any string longer than three and split it at the second, third, and so on. For example the string "abc" is of length 3, the resultant array should contain [a,b,c].  If your string is of a length that is not a multiple of 3, the method will return [a,b]. If you aren't working with a delimiter, use . instead to return the whole string.  If you want to be legal about it look like: /.w{1,3}/ The difference clause under the / operator runs each time the last regex fails to match the string.  The code finds a6ksru4bg, (regex should ignore du2) then \h* replaces any number of whitespace characters with none. So \h* ends up being +8 +6 +2, a score that we would like to roll with.  if statement yeti makes the program false if values of all these variables are not null A recursive computer function must first call itself once before any other function calls or process steps can occur.  This means in order for a recursion to return the result from the code. That code must first call itself with the same arguments it was given before it evaluates arguments to data types.  Given tree structural datastructure, create an undirected graph from that tree. The undirected graph should display a directed graph with its adjacency matrix. This is done by sub-dividing each of the unconnected edges. Returns true if there is a corresponds graph, otherwise returns false.  The first match for a given code block is always the EOF.  Escape Character is a character that is ignored by an XML parser when processing the XML language. To escape a character how it should be written in, precede it with the This example will escape < .  This input string looks like a last name, but try to type "Fern and Foster" into modelForm's postal address. Mismatch errors!  Standard Python188 for a data structure made of unordered pairs (k,d). Its instance method for sorting is based on the key function and not on type of the values denoted by d[]s.

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