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First Call Custom Brief

Here are some prompts to help you better understand your customer before jumping on that first call.

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Pain Points & Priorities

Based on your inputs, these are pain points your customer may be experiencing:

  1. Increase usage adoption of the platform among stakeholders including students, staff, faculty, and other departments.
  2. Help develop engaging onboarding and training methods to ensure a smooth transition for new and existing users.
  3. Leverage features of the platform to provide insights into usage trends and ways to improve user experience.
  4. Establish best practices and processes to help ensure compliance with data security standards and other regulations.
  5. Help identify any additional features that may be needed to improve customer experience.
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Objectives & Key Results

Use these OKRs (objectives and key results) to help your customer find success:

  1. Enable users to collaborate with one another in order to streamline processes and reduce delays.
  2. Reduce user effort and time to input information into the system.
  3. Increase visibility of progress and updates on projects.
  4. Enable easy access to resources in order to improve understanding of the software.
  5. Improve the overall user experience.
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Tactical Considerations

Consider these tactics and strategic initiatives your customer may be planning:

  1. Ensuring data security for student records and other sensitive information
  2. Providing resources and solutions for K-12 school technology needs (software, hardware, cloud storage, etc.)
  3. Analyzing and leveraging customer data to inform better decisions
  4. Providing platforms to enable school teams to communicate and collaborate with each other
  5. Researching and responding to network safety and security threats
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Building Rapport

Suggestions for an effective first call and any future calls:

  1. Make sure to initiate the call friendly and professional. Start by introducing yourself and empathizing with their position. Ask how they have been managing the current organizational challenges.
  2. At the beginning of the call, make sure to set expectations and provide clear outlined objectives of the meeting. Explain what topics you would like to cover and review.
  3. Be patient and give your customer plenty of time to answer your questions. Questions are a great tool that will make you seem genuinely interested in helping them.

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