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First Call Custom Brief

Here are some prompts to help you better understand your customer before jumping on that first call.

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Pain Points & Priorities

Based on your inputs, these are pain points your customer may be experiencing:

  1. Reliable access to accurate data and analytics - providing easy access to data and analytics to inform decisions and recommend necessary changes to ensure success.
  2. Improving communication and collaboration among teams - ensuring both customers and team members have clear visibility into what their colleagues are doing, what stage of the workflow they’re in, and how their role combines with others to reach specific goals.
  3. Simplifying project management processes - using automated workflows and tracking systems to make project management more streamlined and efficient for all involved.
  4. Boosting internal productivity - Identifying opportunities to reduce manual labor, so employees can focus on more creative tasks while the software automates the mundane.
  5. Centralizing customer information - Creating a single source of truth that all stakeholders can access, ensuring important customer information and preferences are organized, visible, and up-to-date.
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Objectives & Key Results

Use these OKRs (objectives and key results) to help your customer find success:

  1. Help the customer development synergies within the organization and extend visibility to all stakeholders through a unified process.
  2. Improve the customer’s understanding of best practices and governance within the organization to increase workflow efficiency.
  3. Assist the customer in finding ways to maximize use of existing resources to drive cost savings and increase operational effectiveness.
  4. Help the customer address challenges with setting and achieving measurable objectives and key results (OKR).
  5. Identify innovative opportunities for ongoing learning and development of the teams within the organization.
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Tactical Considerations

Consider these tactics and strategic initiatives your customer may be planning:

  1. Tactically, they need to improve data-driven decision-making and identify customer needs.
  2. Strategically, they need to understand the dynamics of their customers’ markets and anticipate the evolving needs of their customers.
  3. Tactically, they need to improve their process for collaborating between teams, department, and stakeholders.
  4. Strategically, they need to identify and develop strategies for entering new markets or expanding in their current markets.
  5. Tactically, they need to establish better visibility across their customer journey and how they interact with different channels.
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Building Rapport

Suggestions for an effective first call and any future calls:

  1. Engage in a brainstorming session. Ask open-ended questions that can help uncover areas of productivity, collaboration, and visibility that the customer needs and wants to improve. By understanding what obstacles the customer faces, you can better learn how to support them moving forward.
  2. Get a feel for the customer’s industry, products, and processes. Learn about their particular needs so you can create a comprehensive plan for how to support the customer when their goal of increased productivity, collaboration, and visibility are met.
  3. Show enthusiasm and professionalism. A customer wants to know that they're working with someone who is knowledgeable and passionate about helping them succeed. Demonstrate your commitment to their cause by asking thoughtful questions and giving insights based on your industry experience.

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