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First Call Custom Brief

Here are some prompts to help you better understand your customer before jumping on that first call.

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Pain Points & Priorities

Based on your inputs, these are pain points your customer may be experiencing:

  1. Increasing efficiency and productivity by streamlining communication tools or project management systems.
  2. Improving collaboration by building a single, unified workspace for team members.
  3. Improving visibility within the organization through more transparency and visibility into project timelines and performance.
  4. Enhancing employee morale and overall job satisfaction by simplifying and automating time-consuming processes.
  5. Embracing customer engagement and feedback to ensure product and service value are upheld.
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Objectives & Key Results

Use these OKRs (objectives and key results) to help your customer find success:

  1. Evaluate the current processes they use to develop and launch products and identify potential areas where their workflow could be improved and enhanced with our platform.
  2. Estimate the time saved and the incremental revenue generated if they were to use our platform.
  3. Build a clearly defined timeline and budget for incorporating our platform and products into their workflow.
  4. Discover what collaborative tools they might need to increase visibility between departments, improving internal communication and information sharing.
  5. Determine whether there are any industry-specific software or data sources that they could benefit from utilizing.
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Tactical Considerations

Consider these tactics and strategic initiatives your customer may be planning:

  1. Tactically, they likely experience a daily need to ensure their company software and systems are secure and their customers' data is safe.
  2. Strategically, they likely need to increase customer acquisition and retain existing customers.
  3. Tactically, they might have difficulty revising their existing projects to maximize productivity for their team.
  4. Strategically, they need to define their data strategy and identify which KPIs to use to measure success.
  5. Tactically, they likely have a need to understand their software/system usage trends and usage patterns.
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Building Rapport

Suggestions for an effective first call and any future calls:

  1. Research who they are, the products they offer, their customer base, and any current challenges they may be facing so that I can understand their needs, goals, and objectives.
  2. Create an agenda for the call and send it prior to the call so that we can both have a good idea of the topics we need to cover.
  3. Open the conversation with an introduction that is catered to them – their goals, needs, and objectives – to demonstrate that I have taken the time to understand who they are and what they do.

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