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First Call Custom Brief

Here are some prompts to help you better understand your customer before jumping on that first call.

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Pain Points & Priorities

Based on your inputs, these are pain points your customer may be experiencing:

  1. Eliminate inefficient sources of information, resulting in better communication and fewer errors.
  2. Foster collaboration across departments and teams for improved decision-making.
  3. Develop visibility of customer data and insights in order to more efficiently serve customers.
  4. Improve scalability of processes and resources to meet the demands of a growing business.
  5. Simplify task management tools with integrated AI and analytics for increased productivity.
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Objectives & Key Results

Use these OKRs (objectives and key results) to help your customer find success:

  1. Understand any existing processes in the Marketing department so that our SaaS can be best integrated.
  2. Identify their biggest goals for business growth in the short- and long-term utilizing our software.
  3. Discuss current challenges and suggest solutions that may increase their team's efficiency and collaboration.
  4. Identify how the software and team collaboration can help increase visibility across the organization.
  5. Assess customer's readiness for onboarding and help to plan for a successful implementation.
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Tactical Considerations

Consider these tactics and strategic initiatives your customer may be planning:

  1. Workflow management: Optimizing their workflows to ensure efficient product development, customer support, and employee collaboration.
  2. Data Security: Ensuring their customer data is secure and adheres to the appropriate security standards.
  3. Data Automation: Automating updates to their database and file management to ensure rapid and accurate customer information.
  4. Data Visibility: Improving visibility into customer on-boarding, usage and retention data.
  5. Product Feedback: Creating an automated process to receive feedback from users and stakeholders and responding quickly.
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Building Rapport

Suggestions for an effective first call and any future calls:

  1. Gather a thorough understanding of the customer's issue and try to learn as much about their organization, their specific team, their goals, objectives, and challenges they are facing.
  2. Be prepared to discuss potential solutions and strategies developed to combat their specific issues prior to the call.
  3. Introduce yourself in a pleasant and professional manner. Show genuine interest in their business and ask open-ended questions to find out more about them and their company. Demonstrate that you are genuinely interested in their success and well-being.

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