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First Call Custom Brief

Here are some prompts to help you better understand your customer before jumping on that first call.

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Pain Points & Priorities

Based on your inputs, these are pain points your customer may be experiencing:

  1. Managing complex implementation projects with multiple stakeholders and tight deadlines.
  2. Ensuring smooth integration and deployment of new software solutions while minimizing disruption to ongoing operations.
  3. Overcoming resistance to change and ensuring buy-in from all teams involved in the process.
  4. Tracking and measuring the success of software implementation in terms of cost savings, efficiency gains, and user satisfaction.
  5. Optimizing the use of software features and functionalities to meet specific business needs and objectives.
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Objectives & Key Results

Use these OKRs (objectives and key results) to help your customer find success:

  1. Understand the current pain points and challenges the customer is facing in their implementation processes and workflows.
  2. Gather insights on the specific goals and objectives the customer aims to achieve through the use of our product.
  3. Identify key stakeholders and decision-makers within the customer's organization who will be involved in the adoption and utilization of our solution.
  4. Assess the existing tools and systems being used by the customer for collaboration and productivity to see how our product can complement or replace them.
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Tactical Considerations

Consider these tactics and strategic initiatives your customer may be planning:

  1. Streamlining communication and collaboration between different teams and departments within the organization.
  2. Improving data visibility and access to real-time information to make better decisions and optimize processes.
  3. Enhancing project management capabilities to ensure timely delivery of products and services.
  4. Increasing efficiency in supply chain operations to reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction.
  5. Implementing automation and integration solutions to eliminate manual tasks and reduce errors in processes.
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Building Rapport

Suggestions for an effective first call and any future calls:

  1. Find out what the current pain points and challenges are within their implementation process. This will give you insight into what they are struggling with and where your software solution can potentially help.
  2. Learn about their current process for collaboration and communication within the implementation team. Understanding their workflow will allow you to tailor your recommendations to fit seamlessly into their existing systems.
  3. Ask about their goals and objectives for the upcoming months. Knowing what they are striving to achieve will help you align your guidance and advice to help them reach those goals more efficiently.

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