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17 Questions on the Future of Customer Success feat. Sarah Steingraber of Sendoso | Vitally
Meet Sarah—gift giver, Customer Success professional, and dog mom. Sarah is based in Arizona, and has been..."
17 Questions with the Future of Customer Success feat. Chris Jewitt of Klaus | Vitally
Meet Chris—vegan food fan, dog dad, and proponent of Community. Chris is based in Lisbon, Portugal, and...
MonkeyLearn's CS Team uses Vitally to synchronize customer lifecycle info across systems
"Before Vitally, we had to rely on our internal databases, a CRM that is more designed for Sales, or tools design for Marketing..."
Productboard reduced gross churn 50% in 1 year with Vitally
"Over the past year we have been fortunate to really improve our retention rate, and a lot of those insights are from the data..." sees “massive ROI” with Vitally
"As soon as we started using Vitally, I, as a manager, got an immediate sense of relief knowing that there was now a central place that..."
Hugo creates 'win-wins' for thousands of new customers every week with Vitally
"We have had one of the best years we have ever had at Hugo. Activation is the best it has ever been. Retention is the best it has ever been..."
Foleon achieved +25% retention and +50% expansion with Vitally
Vitally unified siloed customer data so Foleon Customer Success Managers (CSMs) could reduce unexpected churn with proactive CS.
Klaus uses Vitally to segment accounts for more impactful customer communication.
Customer Success Managers (CSMs) at Klaus use Vitally to segment their account portfolio into different groups for more impactful customer communication.
Shogun's Customer Success team supports a busy user base of 18,000+ merchants with Vitally
Shogun uses rule-based alerts in Vitally to zero in on merchants who need of support in a busy customer base of 18,000+.

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