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The Customer Success platform that’s designed to scale as your business does.

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Scale CS Workflows with Powerful Automation

Mid-Market organizations need to create customer experiences that are repeatable at scale as their book of business grows. With Vitally, CS teams can automate everything from day-to-day tasks to personalized engagements. With Vitally Playbooks you can:

Segment accounts across dozens of datapoints
Dynamically assign CSMs & Account Executives
Set alerts for opportunity and at-risk accounts
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Supercharged Visibility Into Your Book of Business

Technology executives estimate that Customer Success will drive up to 75% of top-line revenue growth. Track and measure Customer Success’ impact on your organization’s bottom line with:

Out-of-the-box reporting and dashboards
Immediate access to any customer dataset
Historical data analytics to identify trends & changes
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See the Full Picture with  360° Customer Success

Is your team spending more time sifting through disparate data points than proactively building relationships with customers? Eliminate blind spots within your customer base with:

Different health scores for every customer segment
Out-of-the-box reports that analyze health score trends
Powerful integrations to unify data across your tech stack
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Powerful Features Built for Mid-Market Customer Success Teams

Powerful Integrations

Sync customer data from tools across your tech stack in a matter of minutes—without tapping in engineering, operations, or IT for assistance.

Project Management

Guide customer’s through lifecycle initiatives and closely measure the impact of your team’s work with a process that can be customized with ease, and replicated as you scale.

Customer Health

Build world-class custom health scores for each segment and customer lifecycle stage to accurately measure the impact of your product and the overall experiences of customers.


Maximize your team’s bandwidth and automate customer success workflows while proactively creating conversations to prevent churn and increase expansion.

Reporting & Analytics

Visualize customer and team data from across your business with powerful reports for tracking insights and the impact of customer success for your organization.

NPS Surveys

Measure the impact and feedback of your customers with easy-to-use NPS surveys. Connect NPS results back to health scores and dashboards to track feedback in real-time.


Powerful Features Built for Mid-Market Customer Success Teams

Enterprise-Grade Customer Success for Mid-Market

At Vitally, we believe that every Customer Success team should be empowered to create best-in-class customer experiences, whether you have 1 CSM or 20. That’s why, regardless of plan, every Vitally subscription comes with:

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Mid-Market Organizations Frequently Ask

Do I need a dedicated Operations role to implement and manage Vitally?


What industries are a fit for Vitally?

Vitally is industry agnostic, and can support B2B SaaS companies of any size.

What kinds of Business Models are a fit for Vitally?

Vitally can support most any B2B SaaS business model, but is a particularly good fit for Product-Led Growth models, one-to-one models, and one-to-many models.

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