Who is BombBomb?

Vitally accelerates BombBomb's operations with 27x faster information retrieval.

Technical Enablement Specialist, BombBomb
Eleah Steinberg
“Being able to have everything in one location really lets us compare the success and effectiveness of the entire team.”

October 2021

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See how Vitally accelerates BombBomb's operations with 27x faster information retrieval.

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Who is BombBomb?

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BombBomb is a video communication platform that simplifies and optimizes communication, serving over 30,000 customers. Their software allows users to record, send, and track video messages, enabling them to connect with clients and prospects, and build relationships through personalized video content.

Favorite Features


Dashboards allow you to create and arrange advanced reports based on all of your customer data and activity objects in Vitally.

Success Metrics

Custom KPIs powered by equations you define, which can take into account almost any of the data you pump into Vitally, including product events, account and user traits, total users at an account, and more.


Indicators are automated alerts that detect significant opportunity or risk states customers may transition into during their lifetime with your product.


Create, manage, and track your customer projects e.g. a collection of tasks aimed to help a customer reach some goal. Projects provide you with a wealth of project management features so that you can confidently and collaboratively manage your customer work throughout the customer lifecycle.


Growing suite of plug-and-play integrations can be used to unify your disparate customer datasets into Vitally.

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