Who is Avoma?

Avoma overcomes customer data fragmentation with Vitally

"I can sleep at night [with Vitally] because now we can focus on what we love to do, which is talking to customers and driving that value, and not trying to figure out exactly how they're using us and what features are getting used or not. That's all at our fingertips right now."
VP of Customer Success, Avoma
Mark Stagi

April 2021

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Avoma overcomes customer data fragmentation with Vitally.

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Who is Avoma?

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Avoma makes your meetings more actionable with their Intelligent Meeting Assistant. Hundreds of high-growth organizations—Athelas, BuildZoom, ORUM, LeanData—use Avoma to save hours in note-taking and improve meeting outcomes with active participation.

Favorite Features

Customer Health Scores

Accounts can have multiple health scores e.g. one for "Product usage" and another for "NPS". You'll define healthy, concerning, and poor conditions for each score, and we'll 'grade' your accounts on a scale of 0-10 for each score.


Playbooks help you automate internal customer management, fire alerts for in-need accounts, and engage customers.


Indicators are automated alerts that detect significant opportunity or risk states customers may transition into during their lifetime with your product.


Get immediate access to any segment of accounts and any set of customer data belonging to those accounts.

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