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The Challenge

Are You Optimizing For Customer Success?

Customer Success teams in B2B SaaS lack the centralized insights and automation needed to deliver a world-class customer experience at scale and promote continued growth.

Common Challenges
Scaling Customer Success

Customer Success teams in B2B SaaS lack the centralized insights and automation needed to deliver a world-class customer experience.

  • How large is your Customer Success team?
  • How many accounts and contacts do you need to track?
  • Whats other tools does the CS platform need to connect with in your stack? For example, CRM, Support ticketing, Product Analytics, Billing Payments, Data Warehouses, and Communication tools.
Visibility of Customer Data

Customer Success teams in B2B SaaS lack the access to critical customer data to drive insights and results.

  • How do you currently build reports for evaluating your customers? Is customer data readily available to you and your team?
  • How many resources do you require across the organization to get the customer data you need?
  • How is customer data connected across sources into Customer Success metrics for customer health, churn, and expansion opportunities?
Prioritizing Customers and Time

Customer Success teams in B2B SaaS have to find a balance between managing their time on customers and delivering best-in-class experiences.

  • How does your team spend their time each day between managing customers and driving results?
  • Does your team need to make sacrifices on how much time they can spend on certain customers vs others?
  • How many CSMs would your team need to meet the demand of delivering an equal, best-in-class experiences to each customer?

The Current State of Customer Success

 57% of tech executives  agree that Customer Success should be the next department to undergo a digital transformation.
Vitally’s 2021 PLG Report
“A well-designed customer success program can yield a  91% return  on investment over a three-year period.”
Forrester, The Business Case for Customer Success Management
Only  8% of CS leaders  describe their current Customer Success processes as robust, repeatable, measurable, and automated.
Gartner/Pulse Case Study, “State of CS in the C-Suite”
Scaling Customer Success
Traditional Customer Success Can’t Scale and Leads to Blind Spots

Customer Success

Traditional Customer Success leads to ad-hoc view of customers making 1:1 customer experiences reactive, subjective, and inconsistent.

Manual Customer Success
Disparate Data
Manual Reporting
Inconsistent Workflows
Immeasurable Success
The Disadvantaged CSM
  • Can Only Manage 1:1 Customer Success
  • Time-Consuming Processes for Onboarding CMSs
  • Missed Customers Risks and Opportunities
  • Slower Response Times and Poor Product Experiences
  • Poor Time Management and Increased Costs

Customer Success

360° Customer

Complete view of your customers to deliver proactive, objective, and consistent customer experiences at scale.

Customer Success Platform
Integrated Data
Actionable Insights
Project Management & Automation
Growth Optimization
The Empowered CSM
  • Designed to Handle 1:Many Customer Success
  • Faster Onboarding for Customers and CSMs
  • Reduced Churn and Increased Revenue
  • Increased Time to Value and Product Adoption
  • Lowered Costs Across Customer Success and Support
Customer Success with Vitally

360º Customer Success with Vitally

Empower your B2B Customer Success team to create best-in-class customer experiences with powerful analytics, automation, and project management capabilities.

Powerful Integrations

Sync customer data from tools across your tech stack in a matter of minutes—without tapping in engineering, operations, or IT for assistance.

Project Management

Guide customer’s through lifecycle initiatives and closely measure the impact of your team’s work with a process that can be customized with ease, and replicated as you scale.

Customer Health

Build world-class custom health scores for each segment and customer lifecycle stage to accurately measure the impact of your product and the overall experiences of customers.


Maximize your team’s bandwidth and automate customer success workflows while proactively creating conversations to prevent churn and increase expansion.

Reporting & Analytics

Visualize customer and team data from across your business with powerful reports for tracking insights and the impact of customer success for your organization.

NPS Surveys

Measure the impact and feedback of your customers with easy-to-use NPS surveys. Connect NPS results back to health scores and dashboards to track feedback in real-time.

360º Customer Success

Real-time Visibility into Customers

Vitally unifies all customer-facing insights from across your stack into a 360° command center for Customer Success.

Why 360º Customer Success

Instant Time to Value

Plug-and-play Customer Success platform that can drive results on day one.

Unlock Next-Level Insights

Unify dispersed customer data points with 20+ plug-and-play integrations.

Scale Without Limits

Automate your CS processes to deliver personalized customer experiences at scale.

Prevent Churn

Proactively identify at-risk and opportune accounts so your team can take immediate action.

Increase Expansion

Impact top-line growth with a complete picture of your customer base and world-class customer experiences.

10x CSM Bandwidth

Enhance CSM efficiency & productivity by streamlining day-to-day tasks and centralizing customer data.

See how high-growth SaaS companies are evolving to 360º Customer Success with Vitally

Sam Brown, VP Customer Success & Sales, Foleon

"Our retention is about 25% better, and expansion is 50% more. We have seen both CSAT and NPS increase substantially over the last 7 or 8 months since using Vitally."

Sam Brown, VP of Customer Success & Sales
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Natalie Onions, VP of Customers,

"Return on investment we have had from Vitally has been pretty massive."

Natalie Onions, VP of Customers
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John Henwood, Senior Director of Customer Success, Productboard

"We reduced gross churn by 50% throughout the year with Vitally."

John Henwood, Senior Director of Customer Success
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